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Tiger Ty
Real Name Tyree
Origin Stockton, CA
Rap Group Team Animation (one & only member)
Leagues Da Jungle, Grind Time
Motto tiger swipen

Tiger Ty started off battling for a local rap league called Da Jungle. He instantly became one of their biggest stars. He is known for his unpredictable, funny, and hot bars. He invented 'Expensive Heat' so peep game. Sometime in 2010 Tiger Ty suffered an unknown injury that had to have brain surgery to fix. 


Opponent Date League
Joe Cutter Oct 11, 2013 KOTD Fresh Coast
Pimp Red Jul 30, 2010 URL/ Da Jungle
Rhetoric Ramirez Mar 1, 2010 Grind Time
DirtBag Dan Feb 23, 2010 Grind Time
Surgeon General Jan 25, 2010 Da Jungle
D Wiggins Oct 10, 2009 Grind Time
QP Apr 28, 2009 Grind Time/Jungle
Fiya Green Jan 26, 2009 Da Jungle
Cold P Jan 20, 2009 Da Jungle
L-Dot Dec 28, 2008 Da Jungle

Album Releases[]

Expensive Heat (2012)