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Tay Roc
Real Name Donte Richards34
Origin Edgewater, MD
Rap Group Cave Gang, Dot Mobb, Guntitles
Leagues URL. Lionz Den

Donte “Tay Roc” Richardson, an American Battle Rapper from Baltimore, MD, is known as one of the most popular battle rappers in the world, known for his aggression, performance, delivery, and Light Barz. He has some of the most electrifying moments in battle rap in recent years. Not only did he let something fly in Hollow’s ear and made him wonder what the fuck it was, he also treated his face like a seatbelt that wouldn’t buckle up. Tay Roc has ran with multiple battle crews, such as Zip’em up, Dot Mobb, Cave Gang, and Guntitles.


Opponent Date League: Event Result
Murda Mook October 2020 URL: Murda Mook VS. Tay Roc 2-1 W or 2-1 L
Pat Stay November 2018 Summer Madness 8 2-1 W
Hitman Holla August 2018 URL: Summer Madness 7 2-1 L
Goodz Nome 8 2-1 W 1st and 3rd
Disaster Traffic 3 2-1 W
Hollow Da Don Sep 10, 2017 URL: Summer Madness 6 2-1 W
Chess Apr 8, 2017 URL: NOME 7 2-1 W
Charron Jan 23, 2017 UDUBB: High Stakes 2 2-1 L
Rum Nitty Nov 20, 2016 URL: NOME 6 2-1 W
Arsonal Oct 23, 2016 UDUBB: Every Bar Counts 3-0 W
C3 Feb 7, 2016 QOTR: Watch The Throne 2 3-0 W BODY
John John Da Don Dec 12,2015 URL: A Perfect Day To Die 3-0
Calicoe Sep 26, 2015 URL: SM5 2-1 W
Brizz Rawsteen Jul 25, 2015 URL: Redemption 3-0 BODY BAG
Tsu Surf May 9, 2015 URL: NOME 5 2-1 W
DNA Sep 27, 2014 URL: SM4 3-0 BODY BAG
Charlie Clips Jun 7,2014 URL: NOME IV 2-1 W
JC Dec 14, 2013 URL:Born Legacy 2-1 W
Ill Will Sep 19, 2013 URL:SM3 3-0 W
B-Magic May 18, 2013 URL:SOB'S 2-1 W
Cortez Nov 17,2012 URL:Revelations 3-0 W
Rich Dollarz URL:Any Given Sunday 3-0 BODY BAG
QP URL:Moter City Meyhem (Detroit) 3-0 W
O Red URL: NOME 2-1 W
Young Kannon Smack/url 2-1 W
P.G Skillet Pit Fight Battles W by judge
K-Shine Smack/url 2-1 L
Shotgun Suge Smack/url 2-1 L
Kaboom Lions Den 3-0 W
Charlie Clips Lions Den 3-0 L
Four5th Fokuz Lions Den 2-1 W