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Summer Madness 3 (SM3) was the 3rd yearly Summer Madness event in a row set up by SMACK/URL; the event was cut short, so John John Da Don vs JC and Swave Sevah vs Daylyt never went down. 

They sold special early bird tickets that allowed people in early & see a screening of the unreleased battle between Yung Ill vs Conceited.


The line up is listed from the order they appeared on stage.

Complications/ Shutdown[]

Its been reported that the first battle happened about 3-5 hours after opening time, and other battles happened hours after each other. There were a lot of complaints of hungryness and tiredness of standing up & wack bars amongst the crowd. Hitman Holla and Conceited took the stage to try to reconceive their aborted 3rd round from NOME 3 but they never did.

During Math Hoffa's round, Serius Jones provided a reaction for 1 of his bars when the crowd didn't. But opponents talking through his round to win, Math wasnt with that. If Math's rounds get talked through, he gonna hit back. As soon as he spit that, Math started closing up. Serius went "woo!".... his girl had to hold him up.


Math Hoffa Punches Serius Jones In The Face During Rap Battle @ SM3

Math's punch

People blame Math's punch for the shutdown of SM3, but they are wrong. Math claims the event shut down because it went on too long past the club closing time. Daylyt claimed Math told him before the battle that he would be the last battle of the night because it was getting late. Smack never said that Math's punch was the cause of the shut down neither. The first battle was to suppose to start at 2pm and the venue was to be shut down before 12am, by the time it was Math vs Serius it was reportedly well past 11:40pm due to all the complications. 


It was announced by Smack that Math was banned from the URL. Serius Jones put out a video showing that there were no marks on him. John John Da Don vs JC got rescheduled to their next event, thrown in association with snkrbst. Daylyt vs Save Sevah's never got rescheduled though, the battle just got straight up marked out.

Backlash also ensued over the released version of the Jaz vs. Hustle battle. Ms. Hustle choked for the first time in her career, and choked badly apparently, but it was edited out of the release, implying URL's bias is toward their "First Lady" Hustle.

(*no pun intended)