Noah Weston, better known as Soul Khan, is a retired American battle rapper. He was born in West Hollywood, raised in Woodland Hills, California, and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York City. He had a short, but renowned career in battle rap that started in late 2008, in which he appeared in American circuits such as Grindtime and Smack/URL, as well as outside the United States, notably in Canada (KOTD) and United Kingdom (Don't Flop). He retired from the scene to focus his attention on his musical career in early 2010. He is a member of the Brown Bag AllStars, a collective of emcees and producers from the Brooklyn area.

He had a battle feud with SONS due to an altercation he had with J Fox at an event in New York, where Fox allegedly tried to fight him. He later went on to battle SONS members QP and Fox in two of his most famous battles. He frequently called out Conceited to battle, but it never came to pass.

Most prominent battles:

Soul Khan vs. QP (Grind Time Now)

Soul Khan vs. J Fox (Smack/URL)

Soul Khan vs. Sensa (Don't Flop)

Soul Khan vs. poRICH (King of the Dot)

Soul Khan vs. Dirtbag Dan (Grind Time Now)