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Serius Jones
Real Name Saleem Bligen
Origin USA (Englewood, New Jersey)
Rap Group Disturbing Tha Peace, 1st Ave
Leagues URL, SMACK, KOTD, Fight Klub, RBE

Serius Jones (Saleem Bligen) is a battle rap veteran from Englewood New Jersey. He had a undefeated streak becoming MTV's all-time Fight Klub Champion after his battle with Jin and winning the $10,000 prize.

His next battle was against Murda Mook on SMACK. After his battle with Murda Mook, Serius Jones participated in the 2005 Mixshow Power Summit in the Bahamas. He was eliminated in the first round against Professor Green. Jin defeated Professor Green to win the tournament and the $50,000 cash prize. After the victory, Jin put $10,000 on the line and called out Serius Jones for a rematch. Initially Jones accepted the battle but turned it down minutes later due to the "crowd bias". Jones signed to Ludacris's Disturbing tha Peace label in 2006 but was released a year later. Jones made his return to battle rap against Charlie Clips in October 2012 at SMACK/URL Summer Madness 2 "Return of the Legends".

Since his return in 2012, Jones has went on to face many notable battle rappers such as Dizaster, Arsonal, DNA & Pat Stay among others. He has appeared on numerous battle leagues with the likes of SMACK/URL, King Of The Dot, Rare Breed Entertainment as well as the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2019 and "Dope Era" Battle League produced by West Coast rapper Mistah Fab.


Notable Battles []

Opponent Event


Jin tha MC Fight Klub 2005
Big Ace Fight Klub 2006
Moon Fight Klub 2006
Murda Mook Smack/URL 2007
Math Hoffa Fight Klub, Smack/URL (SM3),

Rare Breed Entertainment

2007, 2013, 2019
Charles Hamilton At a barbershop 2010
Charlie Clips SMACK/URL 2012
Daylyt Ether 2014
Head I.C.E. King Of The Dot 2015
Pat Stay King Of The Dot 2016
Arsonal Mistah Fab's "Dope Era" 2016
Dizaster King Of The Dot 2017
Charron King Of The Dot 2018
Ill Will Rare Breed Entertainment 2019
Rum Nitty SMACK/URL 2021