Rosenberg Raw
Real Name Unknown
Origin North Hills, PA
Rap Group Kyle Gross

His N-word pass has been highly debated by notable trill African Americans for years. His ethnic origin has been rumored to be polish and Armenian with a hint of black in there somewhere. He resembles another, non-battle rap rapper named Vinnie Paz of the underground rap group Jedi Mind Tricks. They both happen to be from Phllly and have the exact same hardcore style. This is some Abraham Lincoln-JFK shit. He looks like light-skinned Uncle Phil. Rest in peace James Avery. {{Battles|column1 data1 = Big K|column2 data1 = unknown|column3 data1 = URL|column1 data2 = B-Magic|column2 data2 = unknown|column3 data2 = URL|column1 data3 = QP|column2 data3 = unknown|column3 data3 = URL}