Prez Mafia

Made his debut in 2012 in the Spittaz Battle League. He's known for his aggressive delivery, creative rhyme schemes, and performance. His name has become associated with the up and comers in Smack/URL's proving grounds and he's made it known he wants to take out the top tiers and take their place in the battle rap scene.


Opponent Date League/Event
Shotgun Suge 6/15/14 The Gauntlet Battle League
DNA 5/21/14 Ultimate Rap League: Nome IV warm-up
KG the poet  5/9/14

Ultimate Rap League: Ultimate Freestyle Friday

Took 5/1/14 Tha Trap House Battle League
Whosane  4/27/14 Tha Trap House Battle League
Ty Law 4/4/14 Ultimate Rap League: Ulitimate Freestyle Friday
Bandana Boogie 3/2/14 Tha Trap House Battle League
Hazey Williams 1/27/14 iBattle Worldwide
D. Money 12/13/13 Ultimat Rap League
Juno 10/28/13 Tha Trap House Battle League
Majik 719/13 EnJ Battl Groundz
Big Jinya 7/3/13 Supreme Rap League
ShowOff 5/20/13 Spittaz Battle League
Young Banko 5/3/13 ENJ Battle Groundz
Double R Mafia 3/28/13 Spittaz Battle League
Dutch 1/9/13 Spittaz Battle League
Ah Di Boom 11/12/12 Spittaz Battle League
July Streets 9/2/12 Spittaz Battle League: Verbal Kombat


Trivia Edit

He has some resemblance to Shabazz Napier, former Point Gaurd of the Uconn Huskies.