Phara Funeral
Real Name Alexis Williams
Origin The Bronx, NY
Rap Group
Leagues Queen of the Ring, misc

Phara Funeral is one of Queen of the Ring's most prolific and controversial battlers. She gained initial widespread recognition through her intensity, aggression, and animated performance (which sometimes included dramatic antics, like when she took off her red wig in her battle against Matrimony.) She's gone on to defeat a host of opponents, and her lyrical style and energetic performance has significantly influenced many femcee battlers, leading Phara to claim she's the "mother" of many upcoming QOTR girls, for example Ms. Murk. She has yet to take a break in her long-running battle career, and although she claimed retirement after battling QB Black Diamond at QOTR's #NoHoldsBarred, she reappeared a couple months later to battle Couture at Snoop's Gladiator School.


Phara Funeral vs. 40 B.A.R.R.S.

She's been the subject of much controversy due to her sex life, and is consistently called out in battles for her relationships with both male and female battlers, including K-Shine and Tsu Surf. She was also close friends with QOTR battler Shooney da Rapper, doing a two-on-two battle with her against Don Ladyii and Tori Doe. The two had a falling out - resulting in a battle that's gone down as one of QOTR's classics - but the two have since made amends. Furthermore, she has controversy attached to her for a physical fight between her and battler Ms. Hustle, where the infamous Ming was introduced via Funeral's fist against Hustle's face, repeatedly.

Battles Edit

Opponent League/Event Date
Diesel Queen of the Ring/Panic Room 3 May 2015
Couture Uncle Snoop's Gladiator School
QB Black Diamond QOTR/#NoHoldsBarred
Morawsha Go-Rilla Warfare
Ms. Murk QOTR/No Backing Out
40 B.A.R.R.S. QOTR/Evolution
Hitman Holla URL
Matrimony QOTR
Norma Bayts QOTR
Shooney da Rapper


Don Ladyii & Tori Doe QOTR