Norma Bayts
Real Name Unknown
Origin Bronx, NY
Rap Group Unknown
Leagues QOTR
Motto "Ok....Ok.....O - FUCKING - K"
Norma Bayts is one of the veteran Queen of the Ring rappers, as well as an established presence as a femcee from the Bronx. She's known for her aggression, booming volume, and electric, show-stopping performance while in the ring. As her name may suggest, her brutal bars often reference gunplay and violence, cultivating her battling persona as a self-proclaimed Bronx "goonette"

Norma Bayts at her Queen of the Ring battle with Couture

The intensity of her image is further aided by the dramatic, elaborate ensembles she wears to battles, which are both heavily hyped by fans and openly mocked by opponents. Norma has also established herself via her mixtapes to a larger extent than most femcee battle rappers in QOTR.


Opponent League/Event Date
Morawsha BBL: Retribution Dec 2014
Ms. Miami QOTR: Murder She Wrote Oct 2014
Couture QOTR: No Backing Out Aug. 2013
40 B.A.R.R.S. QOTR: Hunger Games Aug 2012
Matrimony QOTR: 1st48 Nov 2011
Phara Funeral QOTR Jun 2011
Shooney Da Rapper QOTR April 2011
Raine QOTR Dec 2010
FLO QOTR Nov 2010