Ms. Hustle
Real Name Ebony Randolph
Origin Harlem, NY
Rap Group Unknown
Leagues URL, Queen of the Ring

Ms. Hustle, "the First Lady of URL," got her title from being literally the first lady to ever battle on Ultimate Rap League. Hustle was a cypher rapper with many connections to the NYC rap scene, and she and Queen of the Ring battler E-Hart made hip-hop history as the first two females to battle on an otherwise all-male card.

She's known for her delivery, bar-heavy aggression, booming voice, actually good gun bars, and the fact that arguably half the "Top Ten Best Female Battles" have her in them. Hustle is notorious, but she is undeniably at the top of her tier, demonstrated by the fact that she is in so many classics: when girls come up against her, they have to come full-force. She battles the top girls at the top of their game, but has still yet to get bodied, and RapGrid's 2014 ranking of female battlers has her at #1. Ms. Fit has never been better than she was in her classic Hustle battle. QOTR ushered the inter-gender battle into the limelight when O-Red battled her as a main event, and this was before men battling women was a common thing. Ms. Hustle versus Gattas at URL's NOME4 was the battle of the night, not to mention one of the best female battles ever, and one of the best battles seen on URL's stage.

Ms. Hustle getting in Gattas's face at URL's NOME4

Despite being a legend, there was significant controversy regarding the "missing footage" from her URL battle with Jaz the Rapper. She choked significantly, (for the first time), but the battle was released with the choke cut, revealing URL's allegiances. The backlash was significant, with Jaz calling Smack and co. out all over the place, but, the fact remains, she's had six battles against the best, and five of them are classics. That itself is a testament to why her name carries such weight in the scene.

Battles Edit

Opponent League/Event Date
O'fficial URL/SM5 September


Gattas URL/NOME4 August 2014
Jaz the Rapper URL October 2013
Ms. Fit QOTR May 2013
O-Red QOTR August 2012
QB Black Diamond QOTR February 2012
E-Hart URL January 2011