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Math Hoffa
This how Brooklyn do/Every time I look at you/I wanna put a fist, knife, bullet or foot in you! "Hold on, hold on"
This how Brooklyn do/Every time I look at you/I wanna put a fist, knife, bullet or foot in you!

"Hold on, hold on"

Real Name Justin Edwards
Origin Brooklyn, New York City
Rap Group New York Bullies, House Gang Union
Leagues URL, SMACK, UW, KOTD, RBN , FightKlub
Motto "You ain't got BARS like that!"

"I solidified my spot with gorillaz, and I don't rock with you n*ggaz"

Real Job Website:

Twitter: @MATHHOFFA Instagram: @HOFFALUYAH Youtube:

Math Hoffa (born Justin Edwards on May 16, 1980) is a New York based MC, podcast host, battle rapper, entertainer, and entrepreneur who hails from Brooklyn, New York City. Standing at 6'3” and weighing 220 pounds, Math has always had an imposing stature which, during his battle rap career, is often used as an attribute for an "intimidator". Math was associated with the street group "New York Bullies" long before he began rapping with his crew of the same name, and spent his teenage years earning a living as a stick up kid.


Math Hoffa got his start on the streets, battling other MC's next to the same bodegas as his idol The Notorious B.I.G. famously did in recorded footages. These street battles gave Math Hoffa enough credibility to be featured in the independent film Rap Wars One.

Hoffa's performance in the movie impressed Fight Klub executives, who decided to set up a battle between Math Hoffa and Serius Jones in 2005, though he is credited as having lost this bout based on the judges decision at Fight Klub. After stacking four consecutive victories at Fight Klub, including a bodying of Nems, Math got the attention of SMACK DVD who put together a battle with Philadelphia battle rapper Dose. This battle would become one of the trademarks of Math Hoffa's career and cement his legacy as a "bully" in the Battle Rap community.

Dose Battle[]

At a scheduled URL event, Math Hoffa battled Philadelphia based battle rapper Dose. As with many Battle Rappers of the time, Dose presented himself as a very aggressive rapper, and was able to deliver his first round without any issues. However, during Math Hoffa's first round, Math proceeded with equal aggression when delivering his own lyrics. Though, as Math Hoffa is a 6' 8" individual, and Dose is shorter, Dose seemed to feel that Math's stature over him would illicit the visage of being talked down to. As a result, Dose opted to move in closer to Math as if to "press him" and effectively make Hoffa appear take the back foot during the battle.

Math Hoffa sensed this, and coupled with the fact that Dose's fitted cap brim touched the bridge of Math's nose as he turned in Dose's direction (a testament to how close Dose actually was to Math Hoffa) immediately interrupts his round to tell Dose to retreat. However, Dose did not retreat, and attempted to challenge Math Hoffa's demands. Math Hoffa then punched Dose, and the stage quickly turned into an all out brawl between Math Hoffa's crew, and those Dose brought with him from Philadelphia.

This moment would go down as one of the most talked about moments in early battle rap history. That incident permanently labeled Math however as a bully for punching a man of much smaller stature than him, as many understood Dose's reasoning behind his attempts to bolster his image by being "pushy" in the battle.

In 2007, Math parlayed the hype from the fight footage into a high profile throw down with Iron Solomon at the peak of his career. The battle would again take place on the URL platform, and it turned out to be arguably one of the most competitive and divisive battles of that age. Math would then go on a small hiatus from battling with few battles between 2007 and 2009.

Math Hoffa and Dose had a rematch on the URL stage again in 2013, and it should be noted that during the rematch, Dose wore a hat without a brim.

Return To Battle Rap[]

Math Hoffa then made his return in 2009 with the newly formed URL in a highly anticipated battle with Harlem veteran T-Rex. Bringing his trademark style combining aggressive street lyrics and character driven humor, Hoffa put his name on yet another of the genre's most viewed and debated battles. Following that performance with another hugely popular URL match against fan favorite Aye Verb, Math cemented his status as both a legend of the old school and a problem for the new.

In 2013 on URL's Summer Madness 3, Math Hoffa battled Serius Jones and was disqualified due to him punching Jones in the face, it was widely believed that this action not only shut down the event entirely, but also barred URL from ever having a show at the venue again. Smack and Beasley of URL's management team had to ban him from the URL for the actions that he committed. However, Daylyt has stated in an interview that Math and Serius was the last battle for that night, so there was no possible way that he would've been the reason that the whole event shut down.

In Math Hoffa vs. Dizaster, revenge for all that Math did to previous opponents came back on him. At the end of Dizaster's third round, Diz says "I should punch you in your fucking face right now", to which Math replies, "Do it". Dizaster blasted Math in the jaw followed by a few more punches from Diz as well as his associates. Charlie Clips can be seen yelling at several people but not jumping in to help though he considers Math a friend. Math Hoffa claims even though he got jumped, he never dropped to the floor and offered Dizaster to participate in a Celebrity Boxing Match promoted by Damon Feldman.

Math's Rap Style is consisted of Aggressive, Witty, Deep, and Jokes(on occasion...)bars. In addition Math hoffa has recorded several music projects and a mix tape series titled ACMD (All Competition Must Die) 1,2 & 3 . Notoriously known for working with XyayX multi media in Brooklyn during the later course of his career.

NYB *New York Bullies consisted of him, Cortez, Dchamberz, Hollow Da Don, and Brooklyn Hanz as the main rappers of the group. NYB was more than a movement or a crew, they played a crucial role during the early days of SMACK DVD as security and controlling the crowd. Math was managed by Street Star Norbes during the early course of his career. Norbes now works as a talent scout for SMACK/URL.


  • The most viewed battle rapper on WorldStarHipHop.
  • Dated fellow battle rapperBonnie Godiva.
  • Made DOT Mob Member Louise the 13th tap out on camera.
  • Has a feature with Method Man called "Double Barrel".
  • DJ Vlad from VladTV invested $20.000 in Math Hoffa to host Killaz Battle League against T-Rex.


Opponent Date League/Event
T-Top June 4th 2016 SMACK/URL
The Saurus May 23rd 2015

May 15th 2016


(No Show)

Aye Verb & Young Ill March 26th 2016 SMACK/URL


Head Ice

February 28th 2016 UDubb Battle League
DNA & K-Shine Decemeber 20th 2015

BullPen Battle League


Tony D December 6th 2015 Battle Of The Braves


Bigg K November 21st 2015 Go-Rilla Warfare: Crown 2
Quest MCody November 7th 2015 Barbarian Battle Ground
Crome 2015 O-Zone (Sweden)
Chilla Jones May, 2015 Don't Flop
Dizaster July, 2014 KOTD
Daylyt 2014 LA Sneakers

Serius Jones

Sep 8, 2013

URL:SM3 (disqualified due to assaulting Serius Jones)

John John Da Don April 20, 2013 URL
Shotgun Suge UW
J Dose 2013 URL (rematch)
T Rex 2013 Killaz Battle League (rematch)
Shotty Horroh 2013 Don't Flop
Hitman Holla 2013 No Crowd Version
Pat Stay 2013 KOTD
Arsonal 2012 UW
Marvwon 2012 URL
Calicoe 2011 URL
Aye Verb 2010 URL
T Rex 2009 URL
Iron Solomon 2007 URL
J Dose Smack DVD
Nemz Fight Klub
B benz Fight Klub