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Loaded Lux
Loaded Lux
Loaded Lux
Real Name John Lucks
Origin Harlem, New York
Rap Group Loaded Hollows (2v2 Pairing with Hollow Da Don)
Leagues SMACK/URL, SMACK DVD's, Lionz Den
Motto "You gon' get this work!"

Loaded Lux (born John Lucks on Septemeber 5th 1983) is a based American MC, veteran battle rapper, and entrepreneur, originating in Harlem, New York, USA.

Most widely known for his battle rap career, he is hailed by many as one of the greatest battle rappers of all time due to his unique usage of complex schemes and rhyming patterns, in addition to his numerous contributions to the battle rap culture on a whole, including but not limited to introducing a number of other highly regarded battle rappers into the mainstream during his days orchestrating his own battle rap league, Lionz Den.

Early Career[]

Loaded Lux was featured on numerous SMACK DVDs in the early to mid 2000's, and battled other up-and-coming MCs within the community such as Charlie Clips, Midwest/Young Miles, and Murda Mook.

At this early point in his career, Lux had already gained recognition as being very lyrically inclined, and aggressive in his approach to writing and the delivery of his material. would often wear a light grey colored hoodie during battles (as seen in his battle against Young Miles).

During the same time as his appearances on SMACK DVDs, he also competed and was undefeated for 7 weeks on 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday, later being inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2007. Lux is remembered most notably for beat a choking Nuborn in the seventh week of Freestyle Friday.

Lionz Den[]

During the late 2000's, Loaded Lux founded Lionz Den which was a battle league that featured iconic "barbershop" and "small room" styled battles, and introduced several legendary faces into the main stream video recorded battle circuit including Arsonal, Goodz, Tay Roc, K-Shine, etc. While all of these MCs were battling prior to Lionz Den, it was this platform, and the curating of Lux himself that brought them together to compete. For this reason, many attribute Loaded Lux for molding the climate of battle rap as he introduced these prolific MCs to viewers across the globe with these early battles.

Loaded Lux stated in an interview on the RapMatic Podcast on his drive behind the creation of Lionz Den:

"You've got to understand, when I first do the Lionz Den. The Lionz Den comes from looking at the climate of the game. I'm looking at our industry on a whole, and I'm trying to figure out different things to expound on. What's missing, what's not being prevalent to get more people involved? And I just remembered certain platforms and circuits that was around then, and then who they were putting in position to say, "These are the faces of Battle Rap. These are the people who speak for this culture.", and I'm like: "Nah, I'm in the grit man. I'm here, know what I mean? I'm on the set, and that's not it."


After appearing on Freestyle Friday, Loaded Lux went on a 6 year hiatus from the Battle Rap stage in 2006, not returning until 2012. During this time, Loaded Lux's took a break from orchestrating new battles under the Lionz Den battle league, and it has been on hiatus since this period, though at several times Lux has made attempts to start the league back up, once stating his battle with Hollow Da Don would take place at a Lionz Den organized event. However this did not happen, and Lux instead worked with Arsonal to perform under his battle league during the event UW: High Stakes.

Return To Battle Rap / Summer Madness 2[]

Loaded Lux returned to the battle rap circuit against Calicoe at URL's Summer Madness 2 in 2012 with a legendary performance from which many of his lines are still quoted to this day. The battle helped him receive mainstream recognition as both an exceptionally talented MC, showman, and general entertainer outside of the battle rap community. His current main catch phrase: "You Gon' Get This Work", stems from this battle and has been mentioned by the likes of Jay-Z and numerous other rap peers in both the commercial rap scene and in battle rap.

Unlike any battle before, Lux surprised the crowd during the battle by implementing a new technique which many battle rappers have since been both influenced by, and imitated, stage performance. Loaded Lux set the stage for the battle by having several performers march out to the stage with several funeral arrangements including flowers, a funeral procession, and pallbearers carrying a real casket. This was designed to be a short performance that would excite the crowd and send a message to his opponent that this battle would be Calicoe's career death. While unsettling at first to many in the crowd, and initially viewed as being distracting from the intended spectacle of the show, many of the other battle rappers and entertainers who were present understood the appeal of this form of showmanship.

Despite having difficulty remembering his verse during his first round and subsequently choking during it, he was able to pick back up where he left off at the start of his second round of the battle against Calicoe, and deliver a unanimously respected second and third round to complete the battle. Lux would later go on to recite his intended second verse in a separate production which he submitted to Youtube shortly after the battle was released.

As several mainstream rappers, producers, and entertainers were present at URL's Summer Madness 2 in 2012, this battle against Calicoe is believed to shift the general perception and creative direction of Battle Rap for many years following. This event is also credited by many Battle Rappers themselves as being a turning point in their perspective on how battles can be conducted, as Loaded Lux had incorporated

Post Summer Madness 2[]

Following the popularized performance at Summer Madness 2, Loaded Lux's next battle was against Hollow Da Don at UW's High Stakes which was called battle of the year in 2014 by a large portion of the Battle Rap community. Loaded Lux battled Murda Mook in a rematch at the Shady Records-backed Total Slaughter event which gave him even more mainstream attention. This battle was viewed as a loss for Lux as the conscious themed persona he had crafted against Calicoe back in 2012 had finally run its course when matched against the highly accredited pen of Murda Mook. Though viewed as a popular battle, and a win for Murda Mook, due to the structure of Total Slaughter many viewers do not credit this as a proper rematch, and fans await a proper classic style battle between the two rappers.

Lux then went on to face Charlie Clips in a very tension-filled battle at URL's Summer Madness 5 on September 15th, 2015. The battle was a rematch, as Lux had battled Clips previously during the SMACK DVD days before battles had entered the YouTube-Era. This battle has been credited as one of the most debatable battles in recent times.

In 2017 Loaded Lux battled Arsonal at the UW's Alpha N Omega event. This battle in many ways was a return to form for Loaded Lux's classic style of aggressive delivery, as Arsonal is known as a talented fierce and disrespectful writer within the Battle Rap community.

In 2019 Loaded Lux teamed up with Hollow Da Don to form Loaded Hollows, a battle rap super team, used in 2 vs 2 matches. Loaded Hollows would face off against Tay Roc and Chess, with a performance deemed as legendary by many fans. In specific, Loaded Lux would provide his strongest performance yet since the 2012's Summer Madness 2 battle against Calicoe. Within the battle against Tay Roc and Chess, Loaded Lux showed a vast variety of lyricism, teamwork, performance traits, and aggression. Loaded Lux would also return to form with the emergence of a "Grey Hoodie" outfit during the third round, which symbolizes the more aggressive and dark persona from Lux's early career. This showing has been deemed the emergence of "Grey Hoodie Season", which has since been used by Lux as a slogan for his clothing line and other various merchandise.

Other Projects[]

In 2012 he released his first album "Beloved". He released his mixtapes "You Gon' Get This Work" and "Hail Goku" hosted by Shaquille O'Neal in 2013. His second album "Beloved 2" came out in 2015.

In 2020 Loaded Lux began to work with New York based radio station and entertainment platform Hot '97 to create Top Shelf Freestyle, a freestyle based competition for lyricists around the United States. The series features various talented rappers along with some familiar battle rappers from various leagues, and features a community based voting system to see competitors proceed into further rounds each week.


Loaded Lux is known as a strong contender to use both double and triple entendres on a regular basis within his lyrics, along with a diverse vocabulary that contributes to his overall visage of an exceptionally intelligent rapper, distinguished from his peers.


Loaded Lux was mentioned on the A$AP Ferg's song "Work (Remix)" by A$AP Rocky ("Loaded Lux - put in work"). He raps a verse on Mac Miller's "Red Dot Music" which features Lux dissing Mac Miller.


Opponent Date League/Event
Geechi Gotti Oct 30, 2021 URL: Til Death Do Us Part
Tsu Surf Jul 11, 2020 URL: Nome X
Tay Roc & Chess Aug 10, 2019 URL: Summer Impact
Aye Verb Jun 8, 2019 URL: Nome 9
Arsonal Aug 5, 2017 UW: Alpha N Omega
Charlie Clips Sep 26, 2015 URL: SM5
Murda Mook July 7, 2014 Total Slaughter
Hollow Da Don Jan 26, 2014 UW: High Stakes
Calicoe Aug 19, 2012 URL: Summer Madness 2
Dee Jul 5, 2011 Underground Battle League
Precise 2007 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday
Nuborn 2007 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday

Mike Louch

2007 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday
J Biz 2007 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday
Relentless 2007 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday
Cess Lo 2007 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday
Cash > 2005 N/A
Young Miles 2003 SMACK DVD
Murda Mook 2003 SMACK DVD

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