Krissy Yamagucci
Real Name Unknown
Origin Harlem, NY
Rap Group Unknown
Leagues Queen of the Ring
Krissy Yamagucci

Krissy Yamagucci in her Queen of the Ring battle with Ms. Murk

Krissy Yamagucci's fast-paced and complex bars, coupled with her unusual delivery style and bougie, ultra-feminine presentation immediately gathered her hype and attention when she emerged in 2012 (circa the emergence of Tori Doe, leading to lots of comparisons drawn between the two Harlem girls). After a string of early victories and impressive performances, Krissy shot to main event status, where she was supposed to battle Don Ladyii. However, some time in jail and a subsequent pregnancy led to Krissy dropping out of the battle/and out of Queen of the Ring for the next two years.

Post-pregnancy, she returned to battling at the same time as rival Tori Doe. to a much-hyped battle at Hell Up In Harlem. Despite a loss, Krissy's name still gets tossed around often (with C3 even telling Tori at #NHB at Yamagucci would have won had she just "written more", or in O'fficial's Quiet Room battle with Daylyt). In winter of 2014, Yamagucci performed alongside C3 and Precyse at a QOTR live event. Shortly thereafter, her named was announced on the first QOTR card of 2015.

Battles Edit



Fendi QOTR/Winter Wars February 2014
Tori Doe Hell Up in Harlem May 2014
Ms. Murk QOTR/Hunger Games Sept 2012
Royal Honey QOTR April 2012
Precyse QOTR/Sparring Session March 2012
Classy QOTR/Sparring Session March 2012