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King of the Dot  also known as KOTD, is a Canadian battle rap league based in Toronto, Ontario. It was founded by Organik, who also hosts most the battles.


King of the Dot battles are almost always 3 rounds, at an average of 3-5 minutes each. Most of the more recent battles aren't judged, except for championship matches or tournament matches.

During KOTD's inception, all battles were in a pit-format (Two battle rappers surrounded by a circle of onlookers on a flat surface.), but have switched to the stage format as of early 2013.

However in 2016, KOTD have used the Pit format for its first two events: BlackOut 6 and Massacre 2.


KOTD also has a division called "Ground Zero" founded and hosted by Gully TK. It is a great platform for up and coming rapper to showcase their talents.