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Grind time used to be one of the biggest battle leagues ever. They had subdivisions in New York, Florida, Georgia, but they're mostly known for the Los Angeles division which was hosted by Lush One and Plex Rock. It used to be owned by Drect, but now it transferred ownership to Mad Illz.

Felony Fights[]

Sometime in 2010-2011, Grind Time partnered with another battle league called Felony Fights. However, GT may or may not have known that they were not the same type of battle league; Felon Fights was a bare knuckles street-fighting league made up of convicts usually of African American or Hispanic origin fighting Nazis . Although actual violence may have mixed well with lyrical violence in theory, the deal was short-lived and barely saw the light of day. And they all sucked dick


GT has a variety of formats. Along with the usual 1 on 1 battles, they also have 2 on 2 battles where the both members of the tag team take turns rapping within a round.