Real Name Unknown
Origin Chicago, IL
Rap Group Unknown
Leagues KOTD, Queen of the Ring, SMACK/URL, misc
Real Job "Get your bars up, BITCH"

Gattas (also often referred to as "Young Gattas") was battling globally before she ever became affiliated with rap leagues, thanks to her complex wordplay, humorous delivery, and stellar stage presence/performance. As Queen of the Ring started gaining traction, and female battlers' popularity increased, Gattas (alongside Bonnie Godiva) were recruited by Drake and Organik for King of the Dot's World Domination 4 event. After the battle was a huge success, she debuted on QOTR, against veteran Chayna Ashley.  Gattas's brutal victory against Ms. Hustle on SMACK/URL's NOME4 was declared battle of the night, and instantly hailed as an all-time female battle rap classic. Her defeat of Bonnie, Chayna, and Hustle - three much-hyped battlers - seemed to set her up for an even match against E-Hart, the arguable "Queen" of the Ring, at #NHB. however, an uncharacteristically low energy performance and a choke from Gattas halted her winning streak and showed her first signs of weakness, though she still stands as one of the most feared and acclaimed female battlers.


Gattas at her KOTD battle against Bonnie Godiva

Battles Edit

Opponent League/Event Date
E-Hart QOTR/#NoHoldsBarred June 2014
Ms. Hustle URL/NOME4 June 2014
Chayna Ashley QOTR/No Backing Out October 2013
Bonnie Godiva KOTD/World Domination 4 September 2013
Dutchess Barz&BraStrapz/ Sparring Session August 2012
Looney Divine B&B April 2012
QB Black Diamond B&B April 2010
Tut Grind Time Now February 2010
Ghiftd GTN September 2009
Mike Flamez GTN June 2009
Sara Kana GTN May 2009
Alex Ludovico GTN April 2009
Unorthodox Phrases GTN February 2009