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Ether was a battle rap event held on December 6, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. It was hosted by Lush One (known for his work on Grind Time) and was backed by a billionaire Alki David. This event included the highly anticipated battle rap return of Barry Adrian Reese, otherwise known as Cassidy. After years of turning down giant sums of money to battle, he got paid 250,000 dollars to battle Dizaster in this event. Overall, this event was considered a catastrophic failure.

All of the battles of this event can be seen on Film On Tv's official youtube page


This was the card listed in the order of when the rappers hit the stage.

  • Cali Smoov vs Caustic
  • Danny Myers vs Heartless
  • Illmaculate vs Real Deal
  • Rum Nitty vs Billy Boondocks
  • Big-T vs Aktive
  • Thesaurus vs Arsonal
  • Conceited vs Bigg K
  • Daylyt vs Serius Jones
  • Cassidy vs Dizaster (canceled midway)


Despite massive hype and a multi-millionaire backing the event, Ether was a fucking shit-show. None of the mics worked properly and the crowd didn't seem to give a flying fuck about any of the battles besides Cass VS Diz. On top of that, the battles all ran way behind schedule, and Diz VS Cass was delayed two hours before they finally took the stage. Diz barely got his shit off and Cass choked while the mics continued to shit the bed. Some homo called the fucking fire marshall to the venue because there were like 100 goons on the stage that weren't supposed to be there. Everyone screamed at them and even more screamed at their computers or Playstation 3's, but they refused to move. Lush One, in a coked up panic, ran around the screaming and begging people to leave the stage like a substitute teacher who's lost control of a high school class. The idea was that in the event of a fire in the venue, the massive crowd on stage would pose a major threat to the safe evacuation of the building. By the end of it I was praying one of the curtains would catch fire, since I had just watched 7 mediocre-ass battles and got screwed out of watching the whole reason I searched out a bootleg to the shit.

The main event got rescheduled for the following day in some shady-ass parking garage in LA. The crowd was much smaller but Cassidy's entourage still overreacted to every line he spit. Diz did OK but clearly got fucked up when Cass did a surprisingly accurate impression of him that pretty much won the battle for him. Cass's bars ranged from alright to straight basura but his showmanship and Diz impression won him the battle 2-1. It wasn't judged but if you honestly disagree you're a fucking dickrider for one of these two dudes.

But at least it wasn't Total Slaughter.