The DOT MOB is a Harlem, New York City based rap group started by Murda Mook. T-Rex and Dutch Brown recruited the likes of Tay ROC(Baltimore, MD), Real Deal(Pittsburgh, PA), and Daylyt(Watts ,CA). NYC Dot Mob is usually an agressive antagonist/bad guy of battle rap. Each member comes to battle with a Mob member from outside of battle rap as a hypeman "gassing" the battler. And if the member loses they're known to rob the other battle rapper. In addition to Mook, the most active rappers of the group are T-rex, Tay Roc, Chayna Ashley, Phara Funeral, Star Smiles, Snake Eyes, Daylyt, DOT, Real Deal, Brizz Rawsteen, Show Off, and Bad News. The remaining member the Dash Living, Channel, Louey the 13th , Dan Bars, and Dutch Brown. Murda Mook admits that Dot Mob attempted to recruit Norfolk, Virgina based rapper Bigg K and St. Louis based rapper B-Magic, however, Dot Mob are arch enemies with the St Louis Movement (Aye Verb, Yung ill, Hitman Holla, Calicoe, X Factor, and Young Miles) and Brooklyns Murder Ave, Brooklyn "NYB" (Math Hoffa and Cortez). Since the Creation of URL and DNA super group NWX(wit former member K-Shine) leading towards K-Shine Vs T-Rex battle Of 2017 which started friction in Dot mob through 2015-2017 leading to active leaders of DOT MOB dissing each other in interviews and songs. T-Rex is responsible for the expanded Dot Mob alliances with Gun Titles (with Tsu Surf former rival) and Cave Gang(Ryda, Jakkboy, Maine Ave, and Brizz Rawsteen).