BattleRap Wiki

Real Name Davone Campbell
Origin Watts, CA
Rap Group Dot Mobb, Krack City
Leagues KOTD, UW, Dont Flop, Grind Time
Motto "To the Batmobile!" "You live to see another day, but not this one"

Davone Campbell (born February 14, 1985), known by his stage name Daylyt, is one of the most entertaining and controversial rappers of the modern era. "Quill" hails from Watts, California and claims to be a Grape Street Crip. He has a face tattoo inspired by the comic book character Spawn. Conceived in the GrindTime era, the complex lyricist began to add gimmicks to get more exposure and attention. Despite his mind-boggling creativity and comedic genius, he became convinced that views were the only thing that mattered. This garnered him a bad reputation among bookers, since they weren't sure if he would show up and rap or pull one of his antics. [1] At the end of the day, the sheer wickedness of his pen has led many to speculate if he is indeed from another galaxy. He has delivered many classic battles that are available on YouTube.


As a disclaimer, Daylyt is regularly booked for battles in numerous small-time leagues since he does not charge much to battle. These are just some notable battles.

Opponent Date League/Event Notes
Serius Jones Dec 6, 2014 Ether
Real Deal Oct 4, 2014 KOTD: Duel in the Desert Attempted to defecate on stage
B-Magic Nov 8, 2013 UW: High Stakes Matrix scheme, brought in Loaded Lux's clone.
Head Ice Oct 13, 2013 KOTD:BOTB6
Chilla Jones Apr 19, 2014 KOTD: Vendetta 2 Redemption Classic battle, "You get the open hand, the fist or the deuce - Rock, paper, scissors"
Charlie Clips June 28, 2014 KOTD: BOLA 5 Highly regarded classic
Loe Pesci Oct 9, 2013 KOTD:WD4 Rubbed his scrotum sweat on LP's face. Opened umbrella in LP's face during his round
Math Hoffa Took a nap, poured water on Math's shoes
Dialect Dont Flop Removed all his clothing
Calicoe Pulled out a deck of cards and dared Cal to "Pull one!" (He didn't; HE MARKED OUT!)
Madchild Feb 8, 2015 KOTD's "Blackout 5" Won, great battle
Ooops Apr 17, 2015 RBE: BLOOD SWEAT & TIERS 2
Loso Aug 7,2018 -Tied-

However the win was given to Loso due to point margin

Tay Roc Jul 11, 2020 Nome: X As a URL rookie, he 30'd battle rap.