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Danjalands are a brand of footwear made famous by Battle rapper DanjaZone.  They first made their on screen debut at theURL PG's where it is suspected that Danja was baking bread and in his rush to get to the event ended up wearing the baked dough rather than eating it.

Other legends say the boots were actually grown in a ground breaking experiment in which Danja declared he would be the first battle rapper to grow his own clothes using all organic products. 

Time has passed and the Danja's have evolved and we've been graced with such designs as the Danja Ground Zeros, Air Danja's and most recently the Loaded Lugs.  Danja has himself branched out in his own right and has recently debuted a number of shirts which double as bed spreads.

Fellow Battle rapper Young Kannon is rumoured to be seeking legal advice as he claims to be the original owner of ridiculous battle rap footwear.  No doubt the trend of terrible battle rap attire will continue grow.

Someone actually wrote a long ass article about some boots and shit lol.