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DNA (born Eric St John ) is a battle rapper based in Queens, NY. He is a re-occurring battler on several different Leagues, including SMACK/URL, King Of The Dot, Don't flop and formerly Grind Time. He is known for his trademark freestyle which gives him a degree of prestige, as he has exhibited time and time again that he's one of the best freestylers in the world! He's also known for a gap located in the top row of his front teeth due to an altercation outside of battle rap. He had since fixed the issue although recent battles have seen a DNA without the filler teeth as to signify that "the old DNA is back". DNA is a stone-cold veteran and helped make the 2 on 2 battle format popular once again with his partner, K shine, a Harlem native battle rapper who famously beat DNA after a falling out. Their group, NWX, contains talenet such as Rain, one of the owners of SMACK/URL TV, Beasley, Big T, a Chicago native, Th3 Saga, a Queens native, and last but not least, Official, the only female in NWX, who hails from parts unknown to the public. Murdered Ill Will.

Opponent Date League Event
Steams/Chess Sep 26, 2015 SMACK/URL SM5
Chess Mar 28, 2015 SMACK/URL Rookies Vs. Vets
Rone II (Replaced Uno Lavoz) Nov 22, 2014 KOTD Flatline 3
Tay Roc Sep 28, 2014 SMACK/URL SM4
Ill Will Jun 7,2014 SMACK/URL NOME IV
Chilla Jones Jun 23, 2013 SMACK/URL NOME III
Dizaster Nov 5, 2011 KOTD Flatline
Young Ill Mar 27, 2011 SMACK/URL A Night of Main Events
T-Rex Jan 11, 2011 Time Is Money Paid In Full
Arsonal Apr 27, 2013 Don't Flop Checkpoint
Thesaurus Mar 23, 2013 KOTD Vengeance 2
The Dentist August 11, 2002 "The Office of Dental Practice" The Dentist won 10-0 (Bodybag)