Real Name Unknown
Origin Providence, RI
Rap Group Unknown
Leagues QOTR
Motto "It only took me a minute to mothafucking get ya..."

Couture during her QOTR spar with Ms. Pak

Couture became an internet sensation after a video of her merciless battle with Ms. Pak made it onto WorldStarHipHop. She's most noted for her heavy use of props, like bringing Vagisil and Monistat for Ms. Pak's STDs, or bringing two friends dressed as Freddie Kruger and Jason Voorhees for her battle against Norma Bayts. She's also famous for her vicious and disrespectful personals, some of which have proven fake, but are nonetheless damaging, (most notoriously, she accused Jada Raye of being transgender, a claim that has been officiated as untrue, but also led to Jada's disappearance for about a year.)

Couture is a massive fan favorite, and is accredited with bringing increased attention to QOTR/femcees due to her antics, with her battles on youtube amassing 100,000s of views. She also remains one of the most controversial girls in the league, as some of her videos have been taken off youtube inexplicably and her disrespectful style and fabricated personals have made her disliked by peers, and called the quality of her actual bars into question (as demonstrated by her battle with O'fficial.) Nonetheless, Couture is consider to be one of QOTR's most daunting rappers. Highbrow


Opponent League/Event Date
Phara Funeral Snoop's Gladiator School
O'fficial QOTR: #NoHoldsBarred
Jada Raye QOTR: Panic Room
Norma Bayts QOTR: No Backing Out
Jai Smoove

QOTR: Evolution

Ms. Pak QOTR: Sparring Session
Kashie Ty QOTR: Sparring Session