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Charlie Clips
Charlie Clips
Charlie Clips
Real Name Charles Leon Brown III
Origin Harlem, NY
Rap Group Wild N Out/Ncredible
Motto "Sike, I lied!"

Charlie Clips (born Charles Leon Brown III on March 21, 1983) is a Harlem based MC, battle rapper, actor, and entertainer. He is best known for his legendary run of classic battles from 2013-2017, and his appearances on Wild 'N' Out, though he earned that spot on the show based on his decade long career in the Battle Rap industry, and the relationships. he built with his costars (and other battle rappers) on the show.

Charlie Clips is widely known for his strong friendship and brotherhood with fellow battle rappers DNA and Goodz, and his near impeccable run of popular battles from 2013 to roughly 2017. Charlie Clips is one of the most viewed battle rappers in the history of recorded battles, and has remained a top contender all eras of modern battle eap.


Clips is known for his long form schemes, comedy, and freestyle ability, and he often uses these techniques coupled with a commanding stage presence to tip any possible debatable battles in his favor.


  • He a very schooled historian of battle rap, and often competed on The Bar Exam Show, a battle rap based game show where contestants are asked questions about the history of battle rap.


Opponent Date League Event
Ethan The Magician Jan 31, 2020 SMACK/URL URL App Event Exclusive
Phara Funeral Nov 9, 2019 SMACK/URL Ladies & Gents: Volume 1
Math Hoffa May 4, 2019 Rare Breed Entertainment Closure
Nu Jerszey Twork Feb 9, 2019 SMACK/URL SMACK Volume 4
Brizz Rawsteen June 23, 2018 SMACK/URL NOME 8
Ave May 12, 2018 SMACK/URL Born Legacy: Supreme 2
Pat Stay Oct 21 - Oct 22, 2017 KOTD World Domination VII
So Severe September 30, 2017 ABR - Atlanta Battle Rap REVELATIONS: THE LOST BOOK
Chilla Jones September 17, 2017 Black Ice Cartel Checkmate
The Saurus July 22, 2017 - July 23, 2017 KOTD MASSacre 3
Hipnosis Aug 18 - Aug 19, 2017 AHAT (Oregon) Hardwood Classics
Rad B August 5, 2017 U Dubb Network Alpha N Omega
Danja Zone July 16, 2017 Black Ice Cartel Sudden Death
Gwitty June 24, 2017 WeGoHardTV For The Love Of Paper II
Harry Baker April 30, 2017 Don't Flop Entertainment Checkpoint 4
Burnz Da Fyaman Feb 25, 2017 Fear No One Battle League Fear No One: Battle Tournament
SDK 2017 We Are Upstate Battle League
Ill Will November 20, 2016 SMACK/URL NOME 6
Shotti P November 12, 2016 KOTD Team Ganik vs Team Gully
Riggz Nov 5, 2016 The Bullpen Battle League Close Range
Mistah Fab Oct, 30, 2016 Rap Grid No Mask
Iron Solomon Aug 26 - Aug 28, 2016 KOTD World Domination 6
Rum Nitty July 8, 2016 SMACK/URL Unfinished Business 2
Awthentic Feb 27, 2016 U Dubb Network Revolution
Young Kannon June 11, 2016 Go-Rilla Warfare The Weigh In 2
Big Kannon November 20, 2015 Go-Rilla Warfare The Crown 2
Danny Myers Jan 9, 2016 Black Ice Cartel The Format - Vol. 2
Shotgun Suge December 11, 2015 SMACK/URL A Perfect Day To Die
Gemin1 December 6th, 2015 Battle of the Brave Birth of the Brave
Quill Nov 13, 2015 Don't Flop Entertainment 7th Birthday Weekend
Shotty Horroh Nov 13, 2015 Don't Flop Entertainment 7th Birthday Weekend
John John Da Don October 18, 2015 The Bullpen Battle League GENYSIS
Loaded Lux Sep 26, 2015 SMACK/URL Summer Madness 3
Ah Di Boom Sep 5, 2015 Rare Breed Ent. Blood, Sweat & Tiers 3
DNA N/A KOTD Back to Basements
Hollow Da Don May 9,


T-Top Mar 28, 2015 SMACK/URL Rookies Vs. Vets
Charron Nov 22, 2014 KOTD FL TLINE 3
Daylyt June 28, 2014 KOTD BOLA 5
MarvWon Nov 8, 2014 Rap Grid


T-Rex Sep 28, 2014 SMACK/URL Summer Madness 4
Tay Roc Jun 7, 2014 SMACK/URL NOME 4
Illmaculate Oct 4, 2014 KOTD Duel In The Desert
Heartless Cheddahouse
JC Go-Rilla Warfare
Hitman Holla Apr 21, 2014 Gorilla Warfare
Tsu Surf Dec 14, 2013 URL
B-Magic Jun 23, 2013 URL
Serius Jones Aug 19, 2012 URL
Danny Myers Angry Fans Radio
John John Da Don Quiet Room
Arsonal U DUBB
Oshea Don't Flop
Conceited KOTD
Tony D Don't Flop
Hollohan KOTD
DirtBag Dan KOTD
Aye Verb URL
Tay Roc Lionz Den
Daylyt KOTD
Goodz' Mother Eons Ago In The Cut }