BattleRap Wiki
Real Name Toranio Hightower
Origin Detroit, MI
Rap Group Landslide/Rock Bottom
Leagues SMACK/URL, Grind Time
Motto "After a nigga battle me, I make him feel wack 'cause it's a difference between metaphors and real rap." " you gon get this work"

"Land Side"

Calicoe (born Toranio Hightower) is a Detroit, Michigan based battle rapper from the Brightmoor neighborhood known for his aggressive attitude and competitive nature during battles. He is most known for his battle with Loaded Lux in which he was on the receiving end of the phrase "You gonna get this work".

He is the son of Blackface, a member of the legendary Detroit based rap group Rock Bottom. Eminem shouted out Rock Bottom in his verse on Trick Trick's 2005 single "Welcome To Detroit".


Opponent Date League Final Decision
Tay Roc Sep 26, 2015 URL: SM5



Tsu Surf Jan 26, 2014 UW Battle League 3-0 Calicoe
T-Rex Sep 8,2013 URL:SM3



Daylyt May 2013 Strictly B.A.R.S

2-1 Calicoe

Loaded Lux Aug 19, 2012 URL

2-1 Loaded Lux

O-Red April 26, 2012 UW Battle League 2-1


Arsonal Dec 2011 URL 2-1


K-Shine April 2012 URL 2-1