Real Name Celeste ?
Origin Queens, NY
Rap Group Boss Bitches
Leagues Queen of the Ring
Real Job "...fuck outta here, with your punk ass!"

C3 is a Queen of the Ring battler, and one of the foremost "dykes" battling in the league. She's most known for her ferocious ability to free-style, as well as her complex lyrical game. However, despite being a universally acknowledged top-tier QOTR rapper, and repeatedly getting top-tier slots on their cards (battling the likes of O'fficial, Tori Doe, and Ms. Miami, etc.), it is worth noting that almost all of C3's battles - especially those against much-hyped competition - are debatable (perhaps barring her QOTR:#NHB battle with Tori, which Tori edged). She has yet to "bodybag" a top-tier opponent. Despite this, she certainly has demonstrated that she's a threat, and her pen game is still above and beyond much of her competition.

Her QOTR:NBO battle with O'fficial was awarded "Best Female Battle of the Year" by PG Bloggers Battle Rap Awards. She writes for the Boss Bitches, an all-gay female group, and is very open and aggressive about her sexuality in her raps.


C3 vs. Tori Doe at Queen of the Ring's #NoHoldsBarred

Battles Edit

Opponent League/Event Date
E-Hart Queen of the Ring/No Holds Barred 2 September 2015
Bonnie Godiva Queen of the Ring/Panic Room 3 May 2015
Malato Black R.B.E. April 2015
Joe Cutter Infamouz Battles March


Ah Di Boom Deep Dellum & 858 Present: Doomsday October 2014
Tori Doe Queen of the Ring/#NoHoldsBarred June 2014
Lotta Zay Black Ice Cartel/The Eulogy May 2014
O'fficial QOTR:No Backing Out March 2014
Star Smilez QOTR June 2013
Precyse QOTR

March 2013

Ms. Miami QOTR January 2013
Jai Smoove QOTR November 2012
Gucci QOTR September 2012