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Bill Collector
Rsz bill collector.jpeg
Real Name Eric Wilkinson
Origin Norristown, PA
Rap Group R3
Leagues TrapHouse Battle League, SMACK/URL, Block City, UW
Motto "I got da burna"

"#DevilBarBill #DevilTierBill If he don't gotta soul, YOU could NEVER #KillBill"

Bill Collector, (born Eric Wilkinson) is an MC, Battle Rapper, Recording Artist, Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Entertainer hailing from Norristown, PA. Bill Collector is known mostly for his ability to entertain while on stage, and often times his rounds in battles consist of an exceptional variety of different topics, from comedic bars to "gangster rap" and "conscious" material.

Bill Collector as a competitor is often given the underdog spot, and has held his own throughout his near decade long career as a Battle Rapper against some of the most seasoned veterans including but not limited to Shot Gun Suge, T-Rex, Hitman Holla, QP (Qleen Paper), and John John Da Don.

Bill Collector has a very unique style in that he over emphasizes the majority of his words, often times without concern for dramatic response, but rather to impose his stature beyond the opponent. Initially, battling 2 to 3 opponents a month, teaming up with both QP (Qleen Paper) and QP (Quantum Physics), Eric Farrell, and the joining the R3 movement, gaining several clothing sponsorships and product endorsements, and an accumulating an estimated net worth of $80K, Bill Collector has worked his way into the Veteran status himself, and is one of the most active greats in battle rap today.

Early Career

Bill Collector started like many other battle rappers, battling in the streets of his hometown Norristown, PA. As he moved through the motions to get his name recognized, he made many connections with various other Battle Rappers from different cities. Bill Collector took to the stage finally in 2011 to battle Amazin D Boy in a Jersey City based Block City battle hosted by O-Red.

Battles [1]

Opponent Date League
Dot Jul 26, 2015 SMACK/URL
E-Ness Mar 29, 2015 Don't Flop
Shotgun Suge Apr 20, 2013 SMACK/URL
Tech 9 Sep 27, 2012 UW
QP (qleen paper) Jun 8, 2012 SMACK/URL
John John Da Don Apr 3, 2012


M. Ciddy Aug 12, 2011 SMACK/URL
Young Greg Apr 15, 2011 Block City
Amazin D Boy Apr 8, 2011 Block City


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