Bill Collector aka Devil Bar Bill
Rsz bill collector
Real Name Eric Wilkinson
Origin Norristown, PA
Rap Group R3
Leagues TrapHouse Battle League, SMACK/URL, Block City, UW
Motto "I got da burna"

"#DevilBarBill #DevilTierBill If he don't gotta soul, YOU could NEVER #KillBill"

Bill is known for his energy in his bars. He says his bars as if they are a song, not the usual battle rap way that everybody else does. He used to dance during his rounds, but lately he has been on a punchline marathon. Battling 2 to 3 heavy hitters a month, teaming up with both QP's, Eric Farrell, and the R3 movement, gaining several clothing sponsorships and product endorsements, and an estimated net worth of $80K, it's safe to say that Bill Collector is one of the more active greats of battle rap.

Battles [1]Edit

Opponent Date League DBZ Character
Dot Jul 26, 2015 SMACK/URL
E-Ness Mar 29, 2015 Don't Flop
Shotgun Suge Apr 20, 2013 SMACK/URL Gotenks
Tech 9 Sep 27, 2012 UW Piccolo
QP (qleen paper) Jun 8, 2012 SMACK/URL Gohan
John John Da Don Apr 3, 2012


M. Ciddy Aug 12, 2011 SMACK/URL Goku
Young Greg Apr 15, 2011 Block City
Amazin D Boy Apr 8, 2011 Block City